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Benefits of ClearCorrect™ Orthodontic Treatment

By Edward K Lorents on January 31, 2018

Orthodontic issues are something that plague teens and adults alike. Crooked teeth and spacing issues cannot only impact a person’s oral function, but they can also seriously compromise the appearance of the smile. Despite the numerous disadvantages of malocclusion problems, many patients are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment, because they don’t want to wear bulky and uncomfortable braces. ClearCorrect™ is a more discreet orthodontic treatment that relies on a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually correct malocclusion problems. Dr. Edward Lorents is happy to offer ClearCorrect™ at his dental practice. The benefits of ClearCorrect™ give our Oklahoma City, OK, patients an orthodontic treatment that is equally as effective as it is subtle, comfortable, and convenient.


Discreet Treatment

One of the most frequently heard complaints about traditional braces is that they have such an obvious impact on the appearance of the smile. One of the greatest benefits of ClearCorrect™ is that the aligner trays used throughout treatment are completely clear. They are comprised of a plastic material that is practically invisible. The aligners also sit closely over the teeth so they are not obvious or unsightly in any way. Unless a person was looking very closely at the teeth, it is unlikely they would even notice that the ClearCorrect™ aligners were in place.


Another common downside of braces is the level of discomfort that the patient experiences while undergoing treatment. It is normal for orthodontic treatment to create minimal discomfort due to the pressure that is placed on the teeth. However, the metal brackets and wires that are a part of traditional braces treatment can also cause the soft tissues of the mouth to become scratched and irritated. Until these tissues toughen up, oral sores are likely to be a frequent source of irritation. Since ClearCorrect™ is completely free of metals, sores and irritation are not a problem. The soft, plastic aligners fit comfortably over the teeth without bothering the gums or other soft tissues of the mouth.


When it comes to convenience, traditional orthodontics cannot even come close to matching the benefits of ClearCorrect™. The most notable feature that makes ClearCorrect™ such a convenient treatment option is that the aligners can be removed. Patients can take the aligner trays out whenever they eat or care for their teeth. This completely eliminates food restrictions; patients are free to eat whatever they would like. Additionally, the hassle that comes along with brushing and flossing the teeth while wearing braces is not an issue for ClearCorrect™ patients. With the aligners out of the mouth, patients can brush and floss as usual.


Although ClearCorrect™ treatment has many benefits that appeal to patients, most assume that this type of treatment is out of their price range. In reality, ClearCorrect™ costs do not differ very much from braces. The exact cost of each treatment will vary based on how severe malocclusion problems are and how long treatment will be, but the expense of treatment is typically comparable to that of braces. And if a patient has minor issues that can be corrected in a short span of time, ClearCorrect™ treatment may even be less expensive than traditional braces.

Contact Us

If you are looking for a teeth-straightening treatment that won’t impact the appearance of your smile or be inconvenient to your lifestyle, you may be an ideal candidate for ClearCorrect™. To learn more about this discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatment, contact us at your earliest convenience. Dr. Edward Lorents looks forward to hearing from you!

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