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SculpSure®, a laser treatment that destroys fat cells in troublesome areas

If you want to enjoy a flatter tummy without invasive surgery, you may be a great candidate for SculpSure® at our Oklahoma City, OK, practice. This state-of-the-art laser treatment can eliminate stubborn fat on the abdomen. It can also be a good option for the flanks, often dramatically reducing love handles. At Sculpted Medical Spa & Cryotherapy Center, Evelyn Lorents, MD, can administer several rounds of treatment to ensure the most comprehensive results. Since SculpSure® is conservative, you will experience very little discomfort, and will not experience any downtime. Best of all, you can enjoy a dramatically improved appearance and increased sense of confidence.

What to Expect from SculpSure®

Before beginning your SculpSure® treatment, Dr. Lorents will administer nitrous oxide. This sedation will allow her to apply the lasers at the highest settings with limited discomfort. She will then apply the laser to the treatment area. The energy will penetrate below the surface of your skin, damaging the fat cells. At the same time, a cooling application will keep your skin comfortable.

SculpSure® can eliminate up to 24% of the treated fat cells in each application, providing a noticeably slimmer figure once treatment is complete.

Over time, your body will naturally eliminate these damaged fat cells. For optimal results, Dr. Lorents will usually perform two to three treatments, typically spaced about six weeks apart. Each procedure takes about 30 minutes. 

Marketing image for SculpSure®.
SculpSure® can eliminate stubborn fat on the abdomen

The Benefits of SculpSure®

SculpSure® can eliminate up to 24% of the treated fat cells in each application, providing a noticeably slimmer figure once treatment is complete. At the same time, SculpSure® is non-invasive, so it involves very little discomfort. In fact, in most cases, you can return to work and your regular routine immediately after treatment. Best of all, SculpSure® will permanently eradicate unwanted fat cells. Patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle once their treatment is complete, however, to avoid future weight gain. 

SculpSure® FAQs

How do I know if SculpSure® is right for me?

If you struggle with stubborn fat on your abdomen or flanks, you may be a candidate for SculpSure®. Fat reduction is different from weight loss. When you lose weight, fat cells shrink, but they do not go away. Therefore, you may have remaining pockets of fat, despite diet and exercise. To qualify for SculpSure®, you should already be at a healthy weight. You should also have tried to eliminate unwanted fat with healthy lifestyle changes. To determine your candidacy, Dr. Lorents will conduct an exam and consultation.

What does SculpSure® feel like?

SculpSure® is non-surgical, so discomfort will be minimal. You may experience a mild tingling sensation during your treatment session. If sedation is used, patients may feel nothing at all.

When will I see the results of my treatment?

You should begin to notice results in about six weeks. It may take up to 12 weeks before you see the final effects.

Can you use SculpSure® to treat multiple areas?

Yes, and Dr. Lorents can treat several areas in the same day.

Contact Our Office Today

If you have questions about SculpSure®, or want to determine your eligibility for treatment, contact us today. Dr. Lorents is eager to talk to you about how you can enjoy a dramatically improved appearance through SculpSure®. 

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