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At Dental Arts Center, we strive to provide patients with the most comfortable care. Dr. Lorents, along with his welcoming and knowledgeable staff, work to make your next dental service one you can look forward to. Experience excellent dentistry and care from Dental Arts Center. Book your Appointment today.  


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Dr. Lorents and his staff are amazing! They each go above and beyond!!! I’ve seen more dentists than I can count and even though this is a 30minute drive away, it is by far worth it. I could live in Tulsa and I would continue to drive back here because this really was the best experience I’ve ever had. They opened up on Friday (just for me!), I was the only patient, I even fell asleep halfway through the procedure (That has never happened to me). I was that relaxed! Also - Dr. Lorents is a very honorable individual and I know most people don’t use that term, but I can tell he is one of the few in his field that is in it mostly to make people happy, not necessarily driven for the money aspect. 10 out of 5!! Thank you so much Dr. Lorents
— Brad
Friendly staff and it is easy to get appointments made. Dr. Lorents is a great dentist.
— Misty
The staff was very friendly and helpful. Love this place.
— Mindy

Edward Lorents, DDS is an experienced dentist, trained and equipped to perform any and all dental implant surgeries and procedures for his patients onsite, as well as a variety of cosmetic dentistry services.